Jordan Morel

Project Manager, VoIP, Business phones
VoIP cloud PBX administrator and improved customer support agent

Jordan is ITI Smart Solutions project manager and senior technician. He has been active in the IT industry for over 15 years.

Journey to Consulting & Cloud PBX/VoIP

Jordan’s experience working with computers starts as early as his middle school years. He developed the knack for fixing PC’s into a successful career. He was recruited by several fortune 500 companies for internal IT support, however realized his passion for consulting.

Jordan attended Ivy Tech Community College in Indianapolis, Indiana in, graduating in 2013. He joined the ITI Smart Solutions team in 2017, bringing computer support and VoIP/Business Phone solutions (Business Phone Systems) to our team. Jordan is passionate about investing in other people, training our team in various technologies. This, and his analytic approach to all choices, helps ITI Smart Solutions look at our customers individually, assessing what they need, and ensuring a maximum value for what they are provided. Jordan consistently tries to help customers maximize the value to our customers by offering quality service at a competitive rate. He drives the company forward through business development and inside sales in all technologies ITI Smart Solutions offers, along with providing high-level support for our customers.

Jordan Morel’s Tech Support Experience & Certifications

Jordan Morel’s projects for businesses and non-profit organizations included:

  • Implementing cloud based system for a private school
  • Websites for several churches
  • Network design and implementation for insurance agency’s offices
  • Network and A/V design and implementation for churches
  • VoIP and Cloud Business Phone System setup and maintenance

Jordan is a proven leader in the IT industry, including Cloud PBX/Voice solutions, and believes that hard work is the key to success. He is dedicated to helping all our customers succeed, and his passion and knowledge provides them with valuable and relevant direction.

He attended Ivy Tech Community College from 2011 to 2013 and married Hannah in early 2018. He is actively involved at Abundant Life the House of Mercy, where he plays organ and bass. Jordan has been a member the Camp Judah committee since 2018.