Working from home

Securing your remote connections

Have you thought about your security now that your employees are working remotely, and your team is transitioning to a remote workforce?


As remote work is becoming a trend in business and considering the recent COVID-19 outbreak, there’s no better time for employees and companies alike to make safe steps in securing remote work. This is some important steps we highly recommend:

Develop a Cybersecurity Policy For Remote Workers

Businesses need to have a clear cybersecurity policy when allowing remote working so employee’s access to company data is secure. Without a security strategy in place, any employee can easily become an entry-point for a hacker to access your organization’s network. To prevent this from happening, create a cybersecurity policy stipulating guidelines complying with security protocols at home or travel.

Choose a Remote Access Software

When telecommuting you can secure connections online using either remote computer access, virtual private networks, or direct application access. Each method has its benefits and drawbacks. Choose the method that works best for your organization.

Use Encrypted Communication

After choosing an access method for your online workers, it’s important those methods use encryption to secure remote employees’ data and connections.

Encryption software is a must of protection for businesses and remote workers. Encryption software is the first line of defense in deterring unauthorized access.

Protect your business and employees from hacker attacks

When surfing the Internet, every user leaves his “tracks”: the track here is the IP address. This allows hackers to attack computers directly. Anyone surfing via VPN (Virtual Private Connection) on the Internet masks the IP address used and remains protected.

Insert a Password Management Software

Most data breaches happen due to the use of illegally acquired credentials, password management software is a good solution to remote work security.

Implement Employee Cybersecurity Training

Your employees represent a large share of the danger facing a company’s network security.

That doesn’t have to be the case. Instead, businesses can prevent the danger of insider threats by implementing a security culture through training employees on cybersecurity best practices.


No matter the size of your business, you can trust us to complete the whole process of securing your network!


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